for the biogas and biomethane market

Nowadays, increasing utility of the renewable energy sources seems to be a key issue in the industry. Biomethane is a response to the growing market needs and legislative changes. It can fulfill not only local needs, but also act as a pure reserve for the power sector. At go&biogas, we believe in environmentally friendly technologies leading to a sustainable energy, water and waste management.


At go&biogas, we offer a support in the implementation of the biogas/biomethane plant investment projects at all stages. In cooperation with trusted technology suppliers, we provide the highest quality services with attention to every detail.


We believe that cooperation with the best ones is a way towards effective application of innovative ideas that provide an added value not only for the industry, but also for the environment.

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The „TOP100 Innowatorzy Gospodarki” program

realised as a part of the project „Wsparcie zarządzania badaniami naukowymi i komercjalizacją wyników prac B+R w jednostkach naukowych i przedsiębiorstwach” implemented in the Smart Growth Program 2014-2020 (4.4).

Project value: 160 439,20 zł
Contribution from European Funds: 160 439,20 zł
End date of the project: 10/06/2020
Foreign partner: Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, Graz, Austria.

Project aim:

The support of the management process of research and development projects and results commercialization through the improvement of personnel skills with emphasis on risk analysis and assessment.
Contact network development.
Effective implementation of innovative bio-solutions on the domestic market.

The effect to be achieved

Acquiring the competences necessary to manage and assess the risk of R & D projects and commercialize the results.
Development of skills in the selection of R & D projects with the highest potential for commercialization.